We have our own special way of working with materials. This means that we employ materials lightly and efficiently, in accordance with their characteristics. We always take special pleasure in exploring all realms of possibility. Our high aesthetic standards find expression in the sparing and subtle use of materials that attain their form in simple structures.

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The things we make are characterised by a unique, clean and timeless formal language. Design is our passion and we want to move people with our products.


Nina Mair‘s designs tell stories. Initialising every one of our design entails a thorough analytical process which is conducted through a direct collaboration with each client. We thus analyse the specific task situation through various perspectives and conduct research in order to comprehend the deeply rooted parameters that define a project. We also readily consult with experts from other fields such as psychology, sociology, branding and actual manufacturing. The outcome of the analysis is the guideline that will accompany us and help us navigate throughout the entire design process that will follow.

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In these early stages of the design, our tool kit consists of pens and pencils, a sketchbook and model-making materials. Before we can bring a project to a computerised 3-dimensional maturity, it has to first pass through our hands. It is our conviction that a lot of aspects that yield quality to a project can already be developed in this early phase. An essential component of our work consists of experimenting with materials and 1:1 scale prototypes.
We use the latest CAD-programmes for generating layouts, blueprints and visualisations. Ideas can thus be spatially revised and worked on by using 3D modelling. This way we also generate the necessary data for milling and 3D plotting. In most cases we develop a series of models until the desired formal outcome is achieved.

Apart from the formal aspects, the spaces and objects are defined through the quality of the used materials. In the course of our long-standing activity in the field of design we managed to compile an extensive collection of material samples which is constantly updated and supplemented. Henceforth each and every project receives an individual range of samples and patterns.

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We are a design team that believes two minds work better than one! Our open floor plan studio space keeps the work environment highly collaborative and transparent. Aside from the daily work hours, we enjoy bringing our team together as often as we can through collective daily lunches and break times. This informal interaction and flat hierarchy are a significant element in Nina Mair’s company structure.
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Our studio is located in a former soap factory within the heart of Innsbruck, a city of the Alps. The beautiful alpine surroundings are a calming backdrop and source of inspiration reflected in each of our products.

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Viewing all formal aspects as a whole, is based on Nina Mair‘s passion for architecture. To us architecture is more than just a vessel, filled with objects. It is a space that has the potential to develop along with the people who use it. Architecture is about human interaction. We consider our work to be successful when it stirs people emotionally.” This attitude remains unaltered, no matter whether in reference to designing solely an object or an entire building.
Nina Mair gains inspiration from her daily surroundings in her homeland as well as her travels, particularly to the vibrant metropolises around the globe. Led by her unerring instincts for current tendencies, she discovers remote quarters, workshops and all sorts of hotbeds that nurture creativity. Thus the unknown and unexpected represent essential sources of inspiration for her new ideas.

Our work draws from our passion and enthusiasm for colours, materials, handicraft and various industrial production techniques. Our design ideas are analysed in cooperation with manufacturers, material properties being examined and exhausted, and production procedures refined. It is our aim not only to achieve innovation and functional adequacy but also to transform hand crafted products into objects that can be produced serially in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

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It is our belief that meaningful spaces and objects contribute to people’s health and wellbeing. We put all of our knowledge, experience and expertise in every project, regardless of whether it is a small product or an entire building. Our mission is to create timeless, subtle long-lasting spaces and products.

The furniture industry is filled with changing trends and low cost production sites. That is why we constantly try to create something ethical, timeless and lasting. All of our designs proudly bare the label 'Made in Austria' because they are produced right here. ‘Made in Austria’ stands for the highest quality of manufacturing, reliability and Austrian charm. From the heart of the Alps, we deliver our products to the world‘s major cities.

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Our goal is to create fine and durable objects and spaces so that they will be cared for by our clients and perhaps handed down from one generation to the next like a family heirloom.