Tirol Shop 01

Tirol Shop

Client: Tirol Shop, Tirolwerbung
Innsbruck 2015

The interior design of the Tirol Shop captures the Tirol brand essence in its structure. The architecture reflects the essential characteristics of the brand. The Tirol brand means energy, boldness, nature and authenticity. This is the reason that only natural materials from the region have been used. All the furniture is made of domestic ash wood, with surfaces finished with oil. The back wall of the modular shelving system is covered with acoustic cloth made of pure sheep wool. Above the counters, “Granny” lights are installed, finished with wool from sheep from the Tirol mountains. An important part of the design is the plants, which lend character to the entrance area and interior and reflect the Tirol brand's connections with nature. Customers are welcomed into the entrance area by a fragrant flower garden with lavender and alpine grasses. In the interior, the architecture of the shop leads into a streamlined contemporary Tirol world. The use of warm grey and cream tones on the walls gives the sales area a peaceful and friendly mood.

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Photographer: Peter Philipp