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Heritage Collection

rug collection 2024

Material: sheep wool & sisal fiber
Client: Alarwool

The design seamlessly blends two natural materials: extremely robust sisal fibre and soft, untreated sheep wool, creating a distinctive contrast. The series of natural rugs comprises five design patterns in four different colour combinations of earthy tones. The name "Heritage" alludes to the long tradition and craft knowledge of carpet weaving that lives on in this collection.

Urban design meets traditional craftsmanship. Alarwool and Nina Mair share a love for seeking the perfect blend between tradition and sophisticated, timeless design. The design and manufacturing processes place the materiality and tactility of the product at the forefront. The collection brings nature into the interior, reflecting on urban lifestyle with tranquillity and well-being.

The rugs are suitable for both private living spaces as well as hospitality projects. The highly durable sisal fibre ensures stability, while the soft sheep's wool creates a cozy atmosphere. The main collection offers five different designs and four colour combinations inspired by natural tones, but customization is possible on request as well.


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  Photography: Ana Turcan