class A sound absorber, 2013
client: YDOL, Germany

The acoustics of a room play a crucial role in creating a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. As sound-reflecting materials such as exposed concrete, glass and metallic surfaces are used more and more widely in contemporary architecture, the demand for adequate planning solutions to acoustically optimize interior rooms is increasing considerably. RELAX 040 is an aesthetically pleasing alternative with minimum space requirements to effectively control the acoustics of a room. Being positioned on walls and ceilings, the RELAX 040 sound absorber is both an extremely versatile and optically discreet piece of furniture that can be integrated elegantly in its surroundings. If necessary, special hinge cover plates can be used to configure several panels into one stand-alone element that can serve to divide a room into different zones of activity. In addition, the sound absorbers can be combined freely with other items of furniture in order to arrange large office areas into acoustically largely independent units of activity. The textile cover of RELAX 040 is made of 100% merino wool, produced locally and available in 36 colours. The sidebars are available in matching colours and materials. Thanks to the interaction of the finish of the surface, the shape of the product and its dimension, this highly efficient acoustic element absorbs the sound in all directions and achieves the highest sound absorption class A. At a height of 1.2 m, its absorbing capacity is equivalent to a two-dimensional absorbing area of 2 m².

Photography: Markus Bstieler