La Pelota
concept + exhibtion design for Austrian Design at La Pelota, Milan 2012
client: Advantage Austria

design: Pudelskern

For the Milan Design Week 2012 the Federal Economic Chamber of Austria organised a broad exhibition for the best design companies, the latest trends and innovations. The designers Nina Mair, Georg Oehler and Horst Philipp of Pudelskern was commissioned to create a concept and the exhibition design. The show united 51 design companies and studios. The concept for the exhibition of raw and delicate draws a metaphorical arc between two poles - nature and culture, country and city, the rough and the refined, the tempestuous youth and the precise wisdom of the aged. The three designers translated the concept into an installation of a forest inside the space of La Pelota. Living trees enclosed four clearings where from above delicately knitted fabric was brightly lit. The fabric was suspended in huge tubes from the ceiling.

Photography: Peter Philipp