Hosi Linz
interior spaces of the new social center, 2009
client: Homosexual Initiative, Linz

design: Pudelskern

A four floor building has been constructed for the Hosi Linz - an association of activists for lesbian and gay rights in Austria.  The building is situated in the city centre of this year‘s Cultural Capital of Europe - between Bruckner Concert Hall, State Gallery and Lentos, the musseum for contemproary art. The three creative heads of Pudelskern designed spaces for communication and translated the glass architecture of the building into an openess of the community using the house. The members of the initiative should identify themselves with their new home and the urban environment should feel invited to take part.

A café and a small auditorium are located at the ground floor. Those are the main spaces of interaction between public and the association. In the café different areas have been arranged to a allow mutliple usage - as a lounge, a restaurant or a bar.

At a central position a pink upholstered seating object is bench from one side, lounge sofa from the other. The guests come close sitting on it and flirting is a easy thing.

The ambience in the café is coined by a lit bar and by a tapestry on a long wall. The tapestry is readable on different levels. From afar it looks like a classical pattern on stripes, coming closer one can see world maps, twisted, mirrored and turned around. In some places the tapestry is torn and spots are left open for hand written messages.
The auditorium was furnished with maximum flexibility. Another big tapestry shows structures of connections and constellations of single units. Overlaying on multiple levels the structures create a spatial depth.

On the first floor the LGBT movement finds its new communication centre - a meeting room, spaces for counseling and offices. A media centre is the interface for public users. A friendly and motivating ambience was combined with the corporate colours and some additional colour dots.

Photography: Markus Bstieler