NINA MAIR Architecture + Design – a studio that works internationally in architecture and product design. The international team realises exciting projects for premium brands and private clients around the globe. Nina Mair's mission is to create sustainable products and spaces, that generate identity. The studio is located in the heart of the spectacular alpine landscape of Austria.

Nina Mair expertise

Each design process starts with extensive experiments on material in order to understand its characteristics and opportunities, and, to make the most of it. In her studio in Innsbruck, Nina Mair develops prototypes – from ceramic models, functional prototypes in wood and knitting tools, up to weaving and sewing patterns in textiles. Looking at something in its entirety, from the object to a building and vice versa is based on her passion for architecture:" Architecture is not a vessel that is filled with items. It is a space of possibilities for its internal users. I consider my work to be successful when it stirs people emotionally."

Nina Mair’s work focuses on the definition of individual identity. Working closely with her customers, she develops a storyboard in the first place, which accompanies the entire design process. Providing an outline from the design process up to realisation the storyboard is the base for objects just as for architectural designs. Mair's designs are distinguished by a highly detailed understanding of material, timeless design, functionality and a sense of humor. They find their completion in the staging of each person’s individuality as well as a company’s identity.

Nina Mair, European Product Design Award 2017, RELAX Light YDOL Nina Mair, German Design Award Winner 2017, RELAX Table, YDOL  
EPDA Winner 2017 German Design Winner 2017  
Iconic Award Winner 2016 Iconic Award Selection 2016  
interior innovation award 2015 German Design Award 2015  
Gestaltung+Tischlerhandwerk 2013 interior innovation award 2013 Austrian of the year 2011